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The best vegan recipes: many options for you!

Those who opt for a more selective diet may find it difficult to find vegan recipes, even with the internet in their favor , packed with sites.

But don't worry! DeliRec has many vegan recipe options waiting for you! No more suffocating and being upset, feeling excluded for not having the standard diet!

Vegan food is rich in nutrients and vitamins, it's tasty, contrary to what many think! By choosing to give up some foods, it doesn't mean that you will eat poorly or stop eating well, quite the opposite!

It can be challenging at times, but everything is surprising what we can do with some foods, it's interesting how the vegan food recipe can open our mind. A vegan manioc butter is delicious!

< p>You will come across recipes for vegan food for lunch, simple vegan recipes for lunch like broccoli croquettes, for dinner..a complete menu wait here at DeliRec!

The best thing about all this is that many of our recipes don't need many ingredients, most of which you already have at home and didn't even imagine that they could combine, or there wasn't thinking ahead, and the best: they are ready in a very short time!

Our chefs publish all kinds of recipes for different eating habits and this variety will allow you to prepare a multitude of recipes of vegan food.

Recipe for vegan food is good for all occasions

And if you can prepare several meals with it and get lots of “wow, what good food”, from people, with easy vegan recipes?

Have you tried making a moqueca vegan? No? In addition to being delicious and a little different from the traditional one, it's a perfect dish to serve at lunch or dinner.

You don't know what you're missing!

And the chia kiss bread? Wow, it's a very tasty snack, a great option for breakfast too!

For every part of the day you eat, there is a fantastic type of vegan food for you to prepare and venture into the kitchen!

Innovating in meals is always a great option to get away from the routine and is the opportunity to try new dishes and prepare vegan recipes different from the usual.

< h2>Did you like our vegan recipes? Meet DeliRec!

Did you know that DeliRec is much more than a traditional recipe site?

It is also a social network for posting and exchanging recipes , and we want to build a huge cooking platform, the biggest ever, delivering a complete and delicious experience to our users and followers who love food!

In addition to offering these countless recipes Vegan dishes for you to enjoy and vary the menu, DeliRec is a complete portal, with several other dishes available for you to prepare and learn, including salads, vegetarians... there are many possibilities within your food preferences!

And you can also be part of our space, made up of renowned chefs and people who love to cook and are true culinary lovers!

Follow our website so you don't miss the news and create a profile on our app to share your vegan food recipe with other people who may be looking for new options, so that they can also learn from you and be members of this unique gastronomic portal!

Here, everyone who wants to has the opportunity to share their creations, follow friends and favorite chefs to see their recipes and save your favorites to prepare later.

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