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The best recipes for delicious homemade snacks

No matter what kind of snack recipe you are looking for, you will definitely find it here at DeliRec! You'll be able to put together a real weekly menu and without repeating the same recipe any day, if you want!

Nothing like a snack during the day to make everything better, right? Be it sweet or salty, they are the salvation for the rush of work that prevents a good diet, for the children to take to school.

There are many situations in which they are necessary and we have easy-to-prepare snack recipes. If lack of time is a problem, our snack recipes are the solution! With just a few ingredients, many of which you already have at home, you can assemble a quick and easy snack!

Our chefs publish recipes for all types of dishes and meals, for all food options, or that is, you can be vegetarian, vegan, and you will find a snack recipe that you like!

And you still have homemade snack recipes that are published by people everywhere!


Are you one of those people who doesn't like dinner, but wants to eat something that will sustain you during the night? Our shaped bread pizza and the Frying pan pizza will be one of the recipes you will love to make, and we also have more “fitness” and healthier snacks, including a pizza with zucchini.

For breakfast morning or afternoon, nothing better than a cheese roll. Do it yourself and get out of the habit of going to the supermarket and buying it in frozen packages. Get easy cheese bread recipes with just a few clicks. Learn how to make one even in the frying pan!

Start with breakfast and build a menu until dinner!

Like our snack recipes? Meet DeliRec!

DeliRec is not just your average recipe site! It is a social network for posting and exchanging recipes, and our biggest mission is to build a gigantic cooking platform of all time, delivering a complete and delicious experience for our users and followers!

In addition to finding this diversity of recipes for snacks, DeliRec is a super complete portal with several other dishes available for you to prepare and learn, ranging from sweet to savory, seafood…

And you can also be part of our space, made up of renowned chefs, but also people who love to cook and gastronomy lovers.

Follow our website so you don't miss the news and create a profile in our app to share your recipes with others, so that they too can learn new foods and be part of this fantastic culinary portal!

This way, our cooking lovers can share their creations , follow friends and favorite chefs to see what their dishes and save the recipes you like the most.

And we won't stop! Soon you will be able to attend cooking classes with amazing professionals, food contests and many other updates.

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We are passionate about food and have created this app so that people like us can have fun and discover new dishes, invent recipes and share them. Because we have to share good food!

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