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Sea Food

The best recipes with seafood can be found on DeliRec

DeliRec is a complete recipe portal and we can prove it! In addition to the various recipes for sweets, desserts, salads, you will also find here several ideas for dishes with seafood to make at home!

For lovers of seafood, this will be a true gastronomic adventure. wide variety of recipes. Learn how to make fish, salmon, shrimp broths in the most varied ways, the good old tilapia fillet and cod in different ways than usual…

And look: most recipes with seafood don't needs a lot of ingredients, some you probably already have at home, as we have options from the simplest to those a little more elaborate. Our renowned chefs and the other collaborators of our channel, offer diversified options.

If you are from the team of those who love to cook and want to get away from the day-to-day recipes, and even if you have the The habit of eating fish, shrimp, will be the perfect opportunity to test your culinary skills preparing meals with seafood.

There is a complete seafood menu here on the DeliRec website to be explored!

There are so many options for food with beef, chicken, loin, that we often end up forgetting about food with seafood, because we don't have a complete place to search, or that has recipes that call us < a href="https://www.delirec.com/recipe/geneci60/escondidinho-de-camarao/6a0pVvP7c9ze1Rd4SUDF">shrimp escondidinho leaving the traditional, a fittest fish, including açaí and granola in the recipe (have you ever thought about it?), to keep the diet and the healthier food you've been doing…

And also the opportunity to be inspired by our seafood recipes and create the yours, try to change some ingredients… explore all your creativity and who from what you will learn here on DeliRec and then publish it on our app! It will be great!

Consuming dishes with seafood is good for your health!

Did you know that consuming dishes with seafood is good for your health? Fish and other seafood help to improve our memory, concentration. in our body.

And if you already suffer from unwanted arthritis or want to maintain vitamin D, which is super important for us, foods with seafood are the best choice!

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But in order to fully enjoy the advantages that seafood offers, it is recommended that you consume these foods at least 3 times a week and choose to prepare cooked or grilled dishes, avoiding fried foods.

This will not be an obstacle, because our seafood recipes here at DelRec are not only differentiated in terms of new options of dishes for you to prepare and get out of the routine, they offer a wide menu of meals with these characteristics, so if fish dishes fried food was the reason I didn't eat so much seafood, your problem is already solved! Enjoy!

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