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The best poultry recipes: options for various occasions

DeliRec has many options for poultry recipes waiting for you! Chicken recipes that go beyond beloved beef stroganoff and to get a healthier food for lunch and dinner .

You will come across duck recipes for that weekend family gathering, turkey recipes and chester recipes that are the attractions of Christmas, quail recipes, it's a bird that doesn't more!

Roasted chicken with potatoes it's a simple recipe and acclaimed by many, great option for everyday life, it's that combination that you can't help but love! Another chicken recipe to have friends over and enjoy on Sunday is the chicken fricasse , which is divine with potatoes.

The best thing about DeliRec is that you come across poultry recipes that don't require many ingredients, most of which you already have at home and I didn't even imagine that it could be combined, or I hadn't thought of it before, not to mention that they are ready in a very short time!

Our chefs publish all kinds of recipes for different eating habits, and this variety will allow you to prepare a multitude of recipes with birds, both for yourself and for friends and family.

Recipe with chicken, turkey, chester, duck and more. Get out of the rut!

If there's one thing that's not lacking here, it's poultry recipes to create a truly diverse menu!

Have you tried making the breast of minced and breaded chicken? It's super simple and makes a great snack and accompaniment to sauces and salads, it's present in several servings.

And the duck? Most of you must have heard, especially from your grandparents, of the “famous” duck with rice! Try adding a caramelized onion and using a good wine in the recipe, it's from the gods!

Chester and turkey are the real attractions of Christmas, always being prepared in a succulent way, maybe stuffed with that delicious farofa, or covered with a special sauce.

It's a way to differentiate and you don't need to cook these birds only at the end of the year. Get out of the rut right now!

Innovating in meals is always a great opportunity to try new dishes and prepare recipes with different birds than usual.

I enjoyed learning poultry recipes? Meet DeliRec!

Did you know that DeliRec is much more than a traditional recipe site?

It is also a social network for posting and exchanging recipes , and we want to build a huge cooking platform, the biggest ever, delivering a complete and delicious experience to our users and followers who love food!

In addition to offering these countless recipes with birds for you to enjoy and innovate the menu on a daily basis, DeliRec is a complete portal, with several other dishes available for you to prepare and learn, among them sauces, soups, vegans… there are so many possibilities!

And you can also be part of our space, made up of renowned chefs and people who love to cook and are true foodies!

Follow us on Go to our website so you don't miss the news and create a profile on our app to share your recipe for poultry like chicken, turkey.. with other people who may be looking for new options, so that they can also learn from you and be members of this portal A unique gastronomic experience!

Here, everyone who wants to have the opportunity to share their creations, follow their friends and favorite chefs to see their recipes and save their favorites to prepare later.

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