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The best meat recipes: many options for you!

We know that good beef has its place! But what if you can cook several meals with it and get lots of “hmm, what a good food”, “wow” from people, without the meat having been cooked on the grill?

And if you can make it juicy in another way? People will fill your table with compliments once you start following the beef recipes here on DeliRec!

You will come across meat recipes for lunch, meat recipes for dinner.. No matter the occasion, protein consumption will be guaranteed with the ideas you'll find!

Loin, steak, ribs, beef, chicken, ground beef...it's a complete menu of meat dishes! Whether using the pan, the electric fryer, the oven… there's no shortage of variety!

The best thing about all of this is that many of our meat recipes use few ingredients, most of which are you already have at home and never imagined you could use them, and they are ready in a very short time!

Our chefs publish all kinds of recipes for different eating habits and this variety will allow you to prepare a multitude of recipes for red meat, soy meat, among others.

Meat dishes are a tradition, but they don't always have to be the same

Already Have you tried making a beef steak? Not just toss it in the fat, but cook it differently, with a few extra ingredients? Without all that oil? And the carne in pressure?

Want to escape from the traditional? The Maromba hamburger meat recipe is going to be interesting. As much as it receives that name, even those who aren't the “strong ones” at the gym will be delighted and adore it!

Tired of red meat or don't consume it? Try preparing the soy meatball, a sauce to go with it or maybe a salad?

Innovating in meals is always a great option to get away from the routine and is the opportunity to try new dishes and prepare recipes with meat in a different way than usual.

Liked our meat recipes? Meet DeliRec!

Did you know that DeliRec is much more than a traditional recipe site?

It is also a social network for posting and exchanging recipes , and we want to build a huge cooking platform, the biggest ever, delivering a complete and delicious experience to our users and followers who love food!

In addition to offering these countless recipes of meat, DeliRec is a complete portal, with several other dishes available for you to prepare and learn, including snacks, pasta, salads... there are many possibilities!

And you can also be part of the our space, made up of renowned chefs and people who love to cook and are true culinary connoisseurs!

Follow our website so you don't miss the news and create a profile on our application to share the your recipes with other people, so that they can also learn from you and be members of this portal A unique gastronomic experience!

Here, everyone who wants to have the opportunity to share their creations, follow their friends and favorite chefs to see their recipes and save their favorites to prepare later.

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We are passionate about food and have created this app so that people like us can have fun and discover new dishes, invent recipes and share them. Because we have to share good food!

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