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Banana Jam with Sour Cream

Photo of the Banana Jam with Sour Cream – recipe of Banana Jam with Sour Cream on DeliRec
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Banana Jam with Sour Cream

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Tempo de preparo

2 min(s)


10 servings


  • Very Ripe Bananas | 4 unit(s)
  • Cup of sugar | 1 cup
  • condensed milk | 1 can(s)
  • Sour cream | 1 can(s)
  • Milk | 200 ml
  • Corn starch | 2 tablespoon
  • Margarine | 1 tablespoon
  • Vanilla essence | 1 teaspoon


  1. So guys, let's start this recipe by preparing the banana jam! I have four bananas here, they are very ripe, ok? It has to be very mature. I'm using banana silver, but you can use nanica too. And I also have that cup of sugar. My cup is 200ml. I'm using refined sugar, but you can use crystal too. Now that I've peeled the bananas and with a fork I'm going to mash them all, very well. Now here the bananas are well mashed, leave it reserved there very close to you that we are already going to use the bananas. In a pan I'm going to put the sugar, a cup of sugar, I'm going to turn on the fire here and let's wait for this sugar to melt completely. Leave it here and I'll show it to you, keep an eye out so it doesn't burn, okay? Leave the fire low. And it started to melt on the sides, now we can give it a little stir and keep stirring until it completely melts. The sugar has completely melted, be careful not to burn it, not to overcook it. It's all melted, there's not a single piece left here, let's quickly throw the banana here and it's already stirring. It has to be really fast here. Already throws banana, is already stirring until again melt everything again and now the sugar is cobbled together. Be careful not to get burned. It's very hot and sneezes a little. Leave the heat on low and let's cook the banana a little bit here in this caramel.
  2. Now people calm down, huh? In that bubbling that makes here, then she calms down like this and you keep moving until the time you do this here and she lets go of the bottom of the Pan, on low heat, okay? We already have a little red candy here, when you do this here, it comes off the bottom of the pan easily and now we can turn off the heat. After the moment you threw the banana, it's three minutes, okay? It's ready! I'll hang up here. Okay so now we move to a refractory and let it cool. I'm going to go over here, let's let it cool, while we make the second part of our dessert, our cream. Hmm, this sweet is delicious, guys! Whenever you have a very ripe banana at home, you can do it here and you can cover it and keep this sweet in the fridge, it lasts up to 20 days, see? It doesn't spoil easily.
  3. The banana candy cream And now let's prepare the cream. To prepare this cream we will need a box of condensed milk, 395g, a box of cream, 200g, 200 ml of milk, it's the whole box milk, 2 tablespoons of corn starch, more known as cornstarch, but you can use the brand of your choice, ok? 1 tablespoon of margarine and a teaspoon of vanilla essence tea. Only that! Let's start the preparation. Let's start by dissolving this cornstarch here in the milk. The milk has to be cold, for you to dissolve the corn starch, it can't be hot or warm milk, so it doesn't clump and then you completely dissolve the starch. We have completely dissolved the cornstarch, now we are going to put all the ingredients in a pan. I'm going to put here the box of condensed milk, the cream, I'll also put the vanilla essence and the margarine, which can also be butter if you prefer and now here the milk that already has the cornstarch dissolved. Now let's mix these ingredients well and after we mix we'll take it to the fire, okay? Low heat and let's keep stirring constantly until it thickens. Here I mixed the ingredients well, now let's turn on the fire. Low heat and keep stirring so it doesn't burn. You have to keep stirring until the cream thickens. It started to thicken, it started to boil too, you can see it's bubbling, you keep stirring non-stop for another 2 minutes, okay? Time it started bubbling so you set it for 2 minutes then you can turn off the heat. So guys, keep stirring here for another 2 minutes, now we're going to turn off the heat. I hung up! Now folks, with the heat off, you keep stirring a little bit to get out this steam that is here inside the pan, because this steam that makes the pan still stay very hot and can burn and your cream. Keep stirring just a little bit until this little steam comes out.

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