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Especialista em hambúrgueres e idealizador do projeto Viajando no hambúrguer brasileiro no YouTube. Receitas inspiradas em pratos de cada região.


Lamb burger with baroa mashed potatoes and mint jelly - recipe created in Santa Catarina

Hamburger with pine nuts - recipe created in Visconde de Mauá in Rio de Janeiro

Beef jerky burger with peanuts, garlic and cachaça - recipe created in Sergipe

Picanha burger inspired by Brazilian barbecue

Smoked trout burger with cashew nut cream and cheese - created Penedo Rio de Janeiro

Mineiro hamburger - Created in Tiradentes Minas Gerais

Beef jerky with pumpkin - Jabá with Jerimum - Recipe created in the backlands of Bahia

Buffalo burger with buffalo mozzarella - Recipe created on the island of Marajó

Crab burger with coalho cheese and caramelized mango - Recipe created in a kite in Rio Grande do Norte

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We are passionate about food and have created this app so that people like us can have fun and discover new dishes, invent recipes and share them. Because we have to share good food!

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